Maintenance equipment

Portable Test Bench

Part # M402 E00 000

The portable test bench is a gas generator intended to check the Proengin detectors sensitivity. It includes a laptop with a software to visualize and adjust the detector parameters. It is packaged in a case, which allows its use in workshop and in situ (aboard ships for example). It operates with free air, a phosphine cylinder (PH3) and a sulfur dioxide cylinder (SO2), used for organophosphorus (G, Vx) and organosulfur (HD) simulation.

The air required to dilute SO2 and PH3 gas is taken directly from the surrounding air and is fed to the diffuser by a vane pump. The air filter eliminates all traces of dusts and water vapor. A mass flow meter measures the actual airflow to allow the SO2 and PH3 flows to be set. Two mass flow meters check the SO2 and PH3 flows, before reaching the mixer, which mixes the gas and air required to simulate toxic agent for the devices calibration.

More Information

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