Biological detection

Part # M904 E00 001

MAB is an biological alarm monitor. It continuously analyses particles in the atmosphere, and searches for specific chemical signatures of bacteria or toxins such as anthrax, plague, Botox, legionella etc., and gives alarm when the concentration in the air of those suspect particles increases. It allows to trigger a bio sampler to determine the pathogenic characteristics of the detected particles. MAB immediately detects any evolution regarding to the atmospheric background and gives an alarm as soon as the measured biological characteristics exceed an adjustable threshold. MAB works on a continuous basis and in real time. (response time is some seconds) It has a very low power consumption (some watts) and a reduced sound level. MAB can be used by untrained people and is especially adapted to the harshness of a military use (fast start-up, reliability, environmental resistance, continuous running for several days). It has already been selected by several military forces and equips several NBC reconnaissance vehicles, as it is unsensitive to diesel vapors and smokes. Test reports are available.

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MAB Data Sheet