With over 20 years of military market experience, Proengin products have been selected worldwide by military forces, especially in US and NATO armies. All Proengin detectors are designed for military use in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Chemical detection
  • Protect your soldiers with the AP4C chemical contamination handheld detector. The AP4C is used to detect chemical agents in the form of vapor, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid. The AP4C is particularly suitable for military use in rough conditions.

    Protect your strategic locations and critical infrastructures against chemical agents with the AP4C-F chemical detector. The AP4C-F is installed as a fixed detection and alarm system operating 24/7 up one year without maintenance.

    Equip your vehicle with chemical detection capabilities. The AP4C-V for mobile applications is particularly suitable for use on a reconnaissance or command vehicles at speeds up to 65 mph.

  • Biological detection
  • The MAB is a biological alarm monitor that gives an immediate alarm as soon as a biological or aerosological change occurs in the atmospheric background. It is currently in use by several military forces.